Soumya Basu, Garia

I’ll always remain grateful to Dr Sujoy Dasgupta. My wife was about to die. It was only Dr Sujoy, who saved her life, and also saved our family (my 5 years old son).

It was a day of local municipal corporation election and there was political tussles outside. My wife suddenly fainted and had severe pain in her lower stomach. That day, it was very difficult to find a doctor. I contacted Dr Sujoy by getting his number through internet and he responded immediately. I took my wife to nursing home as per his advice.

Doctor also reached the hospital quickly and checked my wife and said that it is a case of “RUPTURE ECTOPIC PREGNANCY” that needs immediate operation. I agreed. The nursing home arranged for blood. Ultimately, she had the operation and now she is doing well at home.

Had Dr Sujoy not been there, I would not have seen my wife today. A mere “THank you” would be insufficient to describe what he has done. I really appreciate his care.

Soumya Basu, Garia
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