Santanu Saha

After 3 years of marriage when we are trying for a baby, we consulted one of the reputed female gynecologists in the city. My wife had PCOD and thyroid problem from before marriage. We were under her treatment for more than 1 year, but were still in dark what is the exact reason of not conceiving. Also the doctor is not discussing properly with us about the problem and the probable solution.

‌Being a bit frustated we decided to change the doctor and started consulting Dr Sujoy Dasgupta.

From the very first day

‌i) He understood our situation and explained very clearly the problem area and probable solution path.

‌ii) During his treatment he properly explained us the success rate of each solution and constantly motivate us to get rid of any kind of negative thought. Also being it the first issue for us we both were a bit inquisitive, he answers all our queries with a smile.

‌iii) Under his guidance and proper treatment my wife conceived naturally.

‌iv) In pregnancy phase as well he asked to lead a normal life without imposing any unnecessary restrictions.

‌v) In 37th week my wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Also post c section there is no complications arises.

‌Both baby and mother doing well.

‌Thanks dr Dasgupta for everything.

Santanu Saha
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