Oligospermia, PCOS, Tube Block, Sexual Dysfunction

Couple with Multiple Factor Infertility.

Husband- Low Sperm Count. Left sided varicocele with Atrophic small testis, mild sexual dysfunction

Wife- PCOS-Anovulation. HSG showed both sided tubal block

Was offered IVF or Laparoscopy-Hysteroscopy for tubal block.

Conceived Naturally while awaiting Laparoscopy 

Severe Endometriosis, Erectile Dysfunction

3 years long Infertility

Wife- Severe (Grade 4) Endometriosis

Husband- Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Conception after successful treatment for both

Success after 5 Miscarriage, Bicornuate Uterus

35 years old lady with INFERTILITY and 5 REPEATED MISCARRIAGES (3 at 12 weeks, 2 at 18 weeks).

Bicornuate uterus was seen in ultrasound and confirmed by hysteroscopy-laparoscopy.

She was offered operative correction, which she refused.

After explaining risks, she opted for ovulation induction.

After 2nd cycle, she conceived but surprisingly it was TRIPLET (2 in left horn, 1 in right horn).

At 26 weeks, she developed preterm labour and 2 babies were delivered vaginally.

Surprisingly, the 3rd baby in Right horn continued till 35 weeks, when emergency C-section was done because of she had ruptured membranes (PROM).

The 3rd baby was healthy and went home smoothly.

Pic taken during C-section with her kind permission.

Male Infertility, Success after 2nd IVF and 10 failed IUI

Married for 10 years with MALE INFERTILITY

Tried IUI 10 times and IVF 2 times

1st IVF ended in miscarriage

Successful pregnancy after 2nd IVF

Careful observation done throughout pregnancy with ultrasound monitoring.

An episode of NO FETAL MOVEMENT (FM) at 32 weeks resolved spontaneously with CTG, Doppler scan and perception of FM subsequently.

Delivery was planned at 37 weeks

At 35 weeks, again felt NO FM. CTG was suspicious (as shown in the picture)

We URGENTLY (Midnight) consulted Paediatrician and Anaesthetist and conducted Emergency C-section at 1 AM.

The baby weighing 3.2 Kg was healthy and the mother went home in healthy condition.

Timely decision and watchful observation can save life

Fibroid-Infertility, No Operation Done

24 years old lady from Burdwan, 3 years infertility

All fertility factors normal except MULTIPLE FIBROIDS in UTERUS.

She was advised operation (to remove fibroids) which she refused

Fortunately she conceived naturally within 2 months

Fibroids increased in size in pregnancy but no other problems

From 26 weeks, we suspected INADEQUATE GROWTH of the BABY (by putting hands over abdomen)

Was advised ultrasound scan regularly (Growth scan with colour Doppler) which revealed growth restricted baby

Decided to deliver the baby at 37 weeks after giving steroid injection to promote lung-maturity of the baby

At CS, fibroids were seen and left undisturbed

Baby’s weight 1.8 Kg, cried at birth, was sent to SCBU

Baby had low blood sugar (Hypoglycaemia), well managed at NICU and went home safe

IUI, Ejaculation Problem, Hypospadias

Infertility for 5 years due to Sexual Dysfunction

Husband had severe PREMATURE EJACULATION with INABILITY to DEPOSIT SPERMS in the VAGINA, because of HYPOSPADIAS (ABNORMAL location of OPENING in PENIS), operated several times

Semen analysis was absolutely normal

Female factors (Tubes, Ovaries, Uterus) were all normal

Offered SELF-INSEMINATION, with which they were not comfortable

Opted for IUI

Conceived successfully after 2nd IUI

Pregnancy was uncomplicated and healthy baby was delivered at term

Pictures were taken with their kind permission

Fallopian Tube Block, Successful Laparoscopy-Hysteroscopy

5 years long Infertility


All other Fertility Factors normal

Was offered 2 options

1.Directly IVF

2.Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopic guided Proximal tubal Cannulation (Attempt to open the tube surgically), failing which IVF would be required

Patient opted for option 2

We managed to open one tube during the operationConceived naturally within 3 months of the operation

Pregnancy was uncomplicated, except mild hypertension

Delivered a healthy baby at 37 weeks

Success after all treatment FAILED



This couple from Barasat, started Infertility Treatment at 2012, after having tried for 1 year

All Fertility Factors of both were normalThey tried Ovulation Induction and IUI several times, which FAILED

They consulted DIFFERENT PLACES, still NO LUCK

They ended their treatment at 2014, feeling FRUSTRATED

In a fine morning in 2016, the woman found herself PREGNANT

It was HIGH RISK PREGNANCY because of OVERWEIGHT and HYPOTHYROIDISM. Proper care was provided, including serial ultrasound scans

AT 32 weeks, she felt NO FETAL MOVEMENT (FM). We took it seriously and offered CTG and Doppler scan, both of which came normal and she felt FM and so was discharged

At 35 weeks she again felt persistent no FM. This time CTG was SUSPICIOUS. Decision for URGENT DELIVERY was taken.

Baby was delivered healthy, CRIED at birth, did NOT require NICU (though we kept it READY)


Couple from Howrah with 7 years long Infertility

It was because of PCOS leading to NO Ovulation. All other factors were normal

Ovulation Induction 8 cycles FAILED and then they opted for IUI

Conceived after 1st CYCLE of IUI SUCCESSFULLY

Pregnancy was HIGH RISK, because of PLACENTA PRAEVIA (Placenta was lying in the lower part of the uterus)

She had several episodes of bleeding throughout pregnancy and needed hospitalization several times, with advice of iron tablets, rest, observation, regular ultrasound and Haemoglobin check up

At 34 weeks, she presented with severe bleeding. Her Haemoglobin was 6 g/dl

To save the life of both, we decided for EMERGENCY C-Section and URGENT arrangement of BLOOD

She needed 3 units of BLOOD TRANSFUSION during and after delivery

Both mother and baby went home within 3 days despite the HIGH RISK FACTORS

Picture of the HAPPY COUPLE at the 4th birthday of their PRECIOUS BABY, when they visited our clinic as a gesture of gratitude

Pic taken with their kind permission

Severely Low Sperm Count, IUI, Twin

Couple with MALE FACTOR INFERTILITY with SPERM COUNT only 5 million/ml, tested on several occasions

Female factors were all normal

Was advised IVF-ICSI, which they could not afford

IUI with Donor sperms was NOT acceptable to them

After repeated COUNSELING about the HIGH RISK of FAILURE, they opted for “TRIAL” of IUI using HUSBAND’s SPERMS

To our UTTER SURPRISE, she conceived after 1st IUI and it was TWIN PREGNANCY!!!

As Twin is HIGH RISK PREGNANCY, she was thoroughly MONIOTORED throughout

She developed PREMATURE LABOUR at 35 weeks and delivered a MALE and a FEMALE baby, weighing 1.9 Kg and 1.7 Kg respectively

As her haemoglobin was 8 g/dl before delivery and she was at HIGH RISK of BLEEDING, she was transfused one unit of BLOOD at delivery

Unexplained Infertility, Repeated Miscarriage

REPEATED MISCARRIAGE at 1st Trimester, followed by SECONDARY INFERTILITY (Inability to conceive)

Despite thorough Investigations, NO CAUSE was identified for INFERTILITY and REPEATED MISCARRIAGES

Conceived naturally with their patience, faith and perseverance in DIFFICULT TIMES

NO ADDITIONAL MEDICINE was used, except those used in normal pregnancy

Only ‘treatment’ provided was TENDER LOVING CARE (Counselling, Support and Emotional Boosting when one feels FRUSTRATED)

Pregnancy was complicated by off and on bleeding but everything was fine eventually

Normal Vaginal Delivery of a healthy male baby at term

IVF, Unexplained Infertility, Twin

38 years old with UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY of 8 long years

Conceived after 1st cycle of IVF with TWIN PREGNANCY

SEVERELY ANAEMIC (Haemoglobin 7 g/dl before delivery) because of fibroid and piles. Could not tolerate iron tablets

Developed SEVERE PRE-ECLAMPSIA with BP 180/110 mm Hg despite 3 MEDICINES and heavy PROTEIN LOSS in URINE. LIVER and KIDNEY function started to get deranged

Steroid injection was given to promote lung maturity

This HIGH RISK PREGNANCY was discussed with neonatologist and C-section was done at 31 weeks

MALE and FEMALE babies weighing 1100 gram and 900 gram, respectively, were delivered and sent to NICU and finally went home

After delivery mother’s BP was uncontrolled, so was sent to ICU to give MAGNESIUM SULPHATE injection to prevent convulsion and stroke (ECLAMPSIA)

Mother was discharged within 4 days in HEALTHY CONDITION and her BP, liver and kidney became normal within 6 weeks

PCOS, Spontaneous Conception

Patient of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) Having INFERTILITY

In pregnancy, she was diagnosed to have HYPOTHYROIDISM, which was managed with medicines and regular monitoring

Initial blood sugar testing (with 75 gram OGTT- Oral glucose Tolerance Test) was normal but became abnormal at 28 weeks, was diagnosed with GESTATIONAL DIABETES MELLITUS (GDM), controlled with oral medicines and diet

Regular ultrasound was done, which revealed LARGE  BABY (excessive growth)

Admitted at 32 weeks with ABDOMINAL PAIN and was diagnosed to have LIVER DISEASE

At 36 weeks, she BROKE WATER and was admitted.

    Steroid injection was given to promote lung maturity of the baby

She was in ADVANCED LABOUR. We discussed the plan with them and they opted for C-section (as large baby may get injured during vaginal delivery)

C-section was difficult but the mother was fine and blood sugar became normal after delivery, without medicines

Healthy Male Baby weighing 3.2 Kg was delivered, did not require NICU admission and his blood sugar was monitored

Both mother and baby went home within 3 days in good health

Successful 1st IUI, Male Infertility, PCOS

Patient of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) Having INFERTILITYSPERM PARAMETERS mildly abnormal (abnormal motility)


     (No heart beat seen in USG) due to Chromosomal abnormality of the baby (TRIPLOIDY)

Next time, OPTED FOR IUI, after explaining the success rateDid not want TUBAL PATENCY TEST (HSG/ HyCoSy) before IUI

Conceived after 1st IUI

Detected with Hypothyroidism, which was managed with medicines and regular monitoring

Successful Pregnancy Outcome

Obesity, PCOS, Spontaneous Pregnancy

Patient with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) with Obesity

Before pregnancy, she was found to be Sub-clinically HYPOTHYROID, which was managed with medicines and regular monitoring

Diagnosed by OGTT (75 gram Oral Glucose Tolerance test), in 1st visit, with to have GESTATIONAL DIABETES MELLITUS  (GDM), which was NOT adequately controlled with diet and was offered Insulin

She refused Insulin, so was advised oral medicines, which controlled blood sugar

PLANNED DELIVERY was decided at 37 weeks with NICU Back up, after giving STEROID INJECTION for lung maturity

Healthy Female Baby was delivered, cried at birth, did not require NICU

Mother’s blood sugar become NORMAL after delivery, without need of medicines

Both mother and baby went home within 3 days in good health

Fallopian Tube Block, Conceived Spontaneously, PCOS

Everything is POSSIBLE in Fertility Treatment

Couple with Infertility because of  PCOS and problems in Ovulation

Advised Tubal patency tests (HyCoSy) which showed both the Fallopian TUBES were BLOCKED

We discussed with them 2 options 1)Directly IVF 2)Laparoscopy-Hysteroscopy- to confirm/ refute actual block and to make attempt to open it (“Proximal cannulation”). If that failed, she would  require IVF

They opted for IVF. We started preparing them for it. Before the actual stimulation, pregnancy test was done and surprisingly, it was POSITIVE.

TVS and β-hCG blood test were done to make sure that it was NOT “ectopic pregnancy” (which is a possibility in actual tubal block)

This spontaneous pregnancy was complicated by repeated urinary tract infections (UTI) for which she was put on antibiotics throughout (UTI can affect the growth of the baby)

Healthy baby was delivered at term

Message- Finding a “Bad” result” is NOT the end of the world

Pregnancy before IVF, PCOS, Hypothyroidism

35 years old lady with INFERTILITY because of PCOS with Hirsutism (excessive body hair growth) and HYPOTHYROID (taking L-Thyroxine)

Ovulation Induction failed, planning for IVF but conceived spontaneously

From 28 weeks, we suspected INADEQUATE GROWTH of the baby (by putting hand over patients’ abdomen)

Was advised serial ultrasound scans (Growth Scan with Colour Doppler) which revealed GROWTH RESTRICTED BABY

Decided to deliver the baby at 37 weeks, in NICU set up after giving STEROIDS to promote lung maturity of the baby

The baby was in BREECH (Upside Down, with buttock-first instead of usual head-first position)

At 36+ weeks, she suddenly went into PRETERM LABOUR with RUPTURED MEMBRANES and so we decided for EMERGENCY C-Section

Baby’s birth weight was 2.2 Kg, CRIED at birth, 2 loops of cord around neck, was in BREECH, did NOT require NICU admission

Both mother and baby was discharged within 3 days after delivery

Ovulation Induction, Unexplained Infertility, B Negative Blood Group, Thalassaemia Carrier


All investigations NORMAL except subclinical HYPOTHYROIDISM (On L-Thyroxine before and throughout the Pregnancy)

We diagnosed her having Thalassaemia MinorConceived at 1st cycle of Ovulation Induction (Clomiphene 100 + FSH 75x 2 doses)

B NEGATIVE blood group. So, has been monitored throughout the pregnancy by Indirect Coomb’s Test (ICT) in blood and Anti-D given antenatally

Haemoglobin was checked thoroughly and higher dose of iron given

Developed itching in pregnancy, Liver Function Test (LFT) was abnormal and was diagnosed as “Obstetric Cholestasis”, for which medicines were given and LFT repeated regularly

Growth Scan was advised from 28 weeks36 weeks scan showed Inadequate Growth of the baby (Fetal Growth Restriction- FGR)

Decision for delivery was taken, giving Steroid Injection for lung maturity of the baby

At 37 weeks, C-section was done in NICU set up, keeping blood in hands for the mother

The couple is now enjoying their parenthood after the struggle

IUI, Triplet, PCOS, Erectile Dysfunction

•It’s the perseverance, trust, Confidence and strong Positive Attitude that gave the results.

Couple with 3 years of Infertility.

•Woman having PCOS and the man having some Sexual Dysfunction.

•After discussion of merits and demerits, opted for IUI.

1st IUI cycle FAILED but the woman’s positive attitude persisted and so she camefor 2nd cycle in next month.

•This time urine test was POSITIVE for pregnancy and surprisingly it was TRIPLET baby (2 baby in one sac and another one in separate sac)

•It was VERY HIGH RISK PREGNANCY and so, we offered her SELECTIVE FETAL REDUCTION (converting Triplet to Twin by“killing” the mostly affected baby).

•But we had to respect her choices, as she said “High risk DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN THAT I WILL HAVE ALL THESE PROBLEMS”.

Pregnancy was complicated by moderate intermittent BLEEDING, Gestational DIABETES (GDM), Obstetric Cholestasis (Abnormal LIVER function), Severe ANAEMIA, LOW LYING Placenta and Inadequate GROWTH of 2 babies.

•She was thoroughly monitored by frequent check up, regular blood tests, 2 weekly ultrasound.

We decided to deliver her at 32weeks after arranging a JOINT MEETING with neonatologist, fetal Medicine specialist and the patient and her husband.

•STEROID injection was given to promote LUNG MATURITY of the BABIES.

•This time also, they held strong positive response, even after explaining the risks and costs.

Suddenly, at 27 weeks her WATER was BROKEN and was hospitalized and decision for delivery was taken after giving ANTIBIOTICS and ARRANGING BLOOD.

All 3 babies cried at birth, weighing1 Kg(Male), 700 gram (Male) and 650 gram (FEMALE).

•Fortunately, the post-operative period was uneventful and she was discharged on 4th day after transfusing 1 unit BLOOD.

•All the babies were promptly shifted to NICU. With proper ventilator support, they gradually improved, started feeding and were discharged one after another.

Now they all have gained proper weight, feeding well.

IVF Success in Difficult Case- Poor Egg Count, Sperm Defects, Endometriosis and Tubal Problem

•This couple was referred to us by our Colleague from Tamluk.
Husband’s semen test, done outside showed “No Sperms”. We repeated the test at our centre and found the result better, although it was abnormal. However, after doing tests, no cause for such abnormal result was obtained.
The woman had severe endometriosis. In laparoscopy, there was frozen pelvis (all organs like uterus, tubes, ovaries were attached to each other). Both the Fallopian Tubes were blocked. 
We examined her and found her AMH was very low and there was insufficient number of eggs in the ovaries.
As her age was just 29 years, we advised her IVF-ICSI using her own eggs. We explained that the success rate would be very low because if multiple factors (less eggs in the ovaries, poor Sperm condition, Severe Endometriosis and Tubal Factor). They agreed.
IVF was done. However, the stimulation protocol was different from conventional one. After egg collection (“Ovum Pick Up”), we advised her GnRh Agonist injections for 3 months to suppress the hormones (this increases the chance of pregnancy in Endometriosis) and then replaced the hormones from outside and performed FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer). 
Last week, she got Positive Beta hCG test. We repeated the test and there was satisfactory rise in the hormone. 
Please pray for her.
So, what we see here
1) If a single Semen Report is abnormal, do not get disappointed. Please repeat the test from a good laboratory.
2) Low AMH or poor ovarian reserve does not always mean that you need Donor Eggs.
3) In severe endometriosis, IVF can give good success rate, if the age is younger. 
Uploaded with kind permission from the woman

Less Number of Eggs, Spontaneous Conception

•This is another patient with “less number of eggs” who conceived NATURALLY without any treatment. 
The couple had been trying for pregnancy for 6 months. The reports showed AMH 0.05. Her age is 32. All other reports were normal. We checked AFC (Antral Follicular Count) which was borderline. They were anxious about the AMH. We said, “We treat the patients, we do NOT treat a report”.
As her age is low, we gave her DHEA tablets and asked them to try for another 3 months. We wanted to avoid any UNNECESSARY treatment. We also explained that the role of DHEA is doubtful in improving the condition of the eggs but does not seem to have major side effects.
Today, she came to our clinic, Initially we thought she came for starting treatment (Ovulation Induction). But to our surprise, the pregnancy test was POSITIVE.
Low AMH does NOT ALWAYS mean, you need IVF. We have to see age, duration of trying, sperms, Fallopian tubes and Condition of the Ovaries. The MOST IMPORTANT factor is the AGE. If age is low and other factors are favourable you can try all other treatment options like natural trying, Ovulation Induction (OI- Trying after taking medicine for Ovulation) and IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) before jumping into IVF (in Vitro Fertilization). DHEA can be added after discussion with the couples.
However, if age is on the higher side, duration of infertility is long, sperm condition is poor, fallopian tubes are not OK, AFC or FSH are abnormal, then you have to think of IVF soon

PCOS, Follicular Study, Pregnancy

•PCOS related Infertility is EASIER to treat if you receive proper medicine, come for TVS Follicular Study and control your weight.
PCOS is NOT the disease of “Cysts”. It’s a hormonal problem and is NOT curable. However, it’s quite possible to keep this disease under control. The main treatment to keep it under control is Lifestyle changes, that is Weight Control.
In PCOS, infertility is a common problem. The reason is, there are enough eggs inside the ovaries but they cannot grow and rupture (“Ovulation”). So, when weight loss cannot help, the treatment is Ovulation Induction (OI). In most of the cases, OI is done with oral medicines like Clomiphene or Letrozole.
But it’s extremely important that you should NOT take these medicines WITHOUT TVS. In TVS, the ultrasound probe is inserted inside the vagina to see the number and size of the follicles (the sacs containing the eggs inside) within the ovaries. TVS follicular study is required for 2 reasons
1) Whether your ovaries are at all responding to the medicines. In some cases, the medicine may not help the eggs to grow. If medicines are not working, in the next month we have to change the medicines. 
2) Whether you are over-responding to the medicine. If you respond nore than normal, there is chance of Multiple Pregnancy (Twin, Triplet etc) and Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS- Which is very serious complication) •If the medicine is working (medicine causing the follicles to grow and rupture), then the chance if pregnancy is 15% per month, that means out of 100 women, 15 can conceive in one month. If you do not conceive but your ovaries are responding to the medicine, you can take the medicines for next 3-4 cycles (depending on your age and duration of Infertility). You don’t need to come for TVS in those next months.
The pictures belong to a couple, came to us for Infertility of 4 years duration and PCOS. We gave them Letrozole and performed TVS Follicular Study to confirm Ovulation. She did not conceive after 1st month but she continued the same treatment in next month. She conceived after 2nd month of treatment.
Picture taken with kind permission from the patient.

Less Eggs does not always need IVF

•This couple was referred to us by our Gynaecologist colleague from Howrah. They were trying for pregnancy for 8-9 months and the lady had low AMH. Her age was only 32 years and AFC was good. The condition of the Fallopian tubes and Husband’s sperms were good. 
We gave them oral medicine Clomiphene Citrate for Ovulation Induction but this medicine did not work (no eggs were growing after taking that tablet). They were desperately thinking for IVF.
After discussion, we gave them oral tablet Letrozole next month. The ovaries were responding well. We advised them to try it for 2 months further. But after 1 month, they came with good news.
Please pray for them.
PS- published with kind permission from the patient.

Infertility- we need to talk to the couple

•This couple had been trying for pregnancy for last 4 years. The husband’s age is 38 years and wife’s age is 36. They were advised IVF outside, only because of age.
When they came to us, we found all tests were normal. We asked them “WHAT YOU ARE THINKING?” They said, “We want to try for some more time”. On further enquiry, we discovered that they had very INFREQUENT INTERCOURSE (once in a month) because of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (ED) of the Husband. We treated the husband and his condition improved. 
This couple wanted to start Ovulation Induction this month. They called us yesterday as she missed her period. Today, even before starting and Fertility Treatment, they got the GOOD NEWS.
Please pray for them.

PCOS conceived naturally with Letrozole

•PCOS women often conceive with simple weight reduction and Ovulation Induction (giving medicines to help the eggs grow and rupture). But while advising Ovulation Induction, it’s extremely important that the patient is monitored by TVS Follicular Study to see if the medicines are effective in causing Ovulation.
Often we find one tube is blocked in HSG and other tube is open. If one tube is open, that’s enough to result in pregnancy, if other factors are OK. 
This lady has been trying for pregnancy for last one year. She is having PCOS and one tube blocked in HSG. Husband’s report is normal. We advised them Letrozole for Ovulation Induction and asked for TVS to confirm Ovulation. Today she came with smiling face. She conceived after 1st cycle of taking the medicine!!!!
Please pray for her.

PCOS and high Prolactin- conceived without IVF

•They came to us, last month, with inability to conceive, having tried for one and half year. The woman is having PCOS and elevated Prolactin. All other tests were normal.
Before coming to us, they had been advised to proceed for either Laparoscopy or IVF. They wanted neither of these two. They came to us for second opinion. We respected their decision and advised Ovulation Induction with oral tablets and injections.
Today they came with the good news.

IVF Success with Egg Donation in Premature Menopause

•She came to us last year, at 38 years of age, with inability to conceive despite trying for 3 years. She has a baby, 8 years old, conceived spontaneously. She did not have Periods for last 5 years.
We performed all necessary tests to find out the cause and found it as “Premature Menopause” or “Premature Ovarian Failure” (POF). However, no reason for POF was found despite all possible investigations.
We started Hormone therapy to protect the health of bone and heart. Regarding Fertility, they finally pored for IVF with Egg Donation. 
But after Ovum Pick Up (OPU) from the donor and the Embryo Formation and Freezing all the Embryos, there was difficulty in preparing her Endometrium (The Inner Layer of Uterus) for FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer). She needed very high dose of Estrogen tablet and gel for this purpose. Finally FET has been done and the result is positive.
Please pray for her.
PS- Uploaded with Kind Permission from the Patient.

PCOS, Successful Ovulation Induction

•The young couple visited to us in July 2017 with Infertility. The lady had PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). She tried Letrozole tablets for Ovulation Induction outside, before coming to us but did not respond to that medicine.
The man had mild problem in sperm motility. The rest of the tests were normal.
So, after discussion with us, they planned for 3 cycles of Ovulation Induction with oral medicine , Clomiphene Citrate (CC). TVS follicular scan was done in the 1st month, that diagnosed ovulation (thus she was responding to CC).
Finally, she conceived within 3 months of treatment with oral medicine. They kept their faith on us throughout the journey in pregnancy. Like other pregnant woman, all routine tests were done including Combined Test in 1st Trimester and Anomaly scan.
Indian women are at risk of GDM (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus), especially those with PCOS. Therefore, following International Recommendation, we perform OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test) using 75 gram glucose in early pregnancy for ALL women.
In this lady, the value of OGTT was higher and so we diagnosed GDM. The disease was controlled with diet and medicine. Blood test for HbA1c, Retinal check up, kidney function test, Echocardiography of the baby and Growth scan were all done along with regular monitoring of blood sugar.
Steroid Injection was given to the mother to promote lung maturity of the baby. Delivery was done at 38 weeks. Baby is healthy, weighing 2.78 kg. Mother is also doing well and blood sugar is now normal.
Thus PCOS needs proper care before and during pregnancy.

PCOS, Hypothyroid, Natural Conception

•They came to us with inability to conceive. They tried many medicines and even IUI. We found all tests normal except PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). 
We gave them time to decide. They returned after a year and requested Ovulation Induction (Medicines to help the eggs grow). We advised medicines and TVS Follicular Scan (to see if eggs were growing after taking the medicine). There was no result after 2 months. But in the 3rd month, they conceived.
Pregnancy was largely uneventful. All tests were normal. She was Hypothyroid, but it was well controlled with medicine. 
Finally both the mother and baby are healthy.

Sperm Motility Problems, PCOS, Conceived with Ovulation Induction

•They came to us in December 2017 with Inability to conceive. The woman had PCOS. The man had mild problems in Sperm Motility. All other reports were normal.
The woman had Hypothyroidism, which was well controlled with Medicine.
They agreed to try Ovulation Induction (medicines to help the eggs grow) for 2-3 months. We performed TVS Follicular Scan to see if eggs were growing after taking the medicines. Fortunately they conceived after 1st month of taking the medicine.
Pregnancy was largely uncomplicated. All the reports were normal, like Combined Test, Anomaly scsn etc.
As she was at risk of FGR (Fetal Growth Restriction) or IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction), we advised them Growth scan with Colour Doppler from 28 week. The result at 28 and 32 week were normal. However, the report at 36 week shower FGR with abnormal blood flow to the baby.
FGR carries the risk to the baby before birth (sudden death) and also after birth (low blood sugar, breathing problems, feeding troubles, infection, jaundice, NICU admission etc). So we decide to deliver the baby at NICU set up, after giving Steroids injection to the mother (for lung maturity of the baby).
Delivery was done. Mother has no problem. We advised her Low Molecular Weight to reduce her risk of Thrombosis (as she is overweight).
The baby was initially alright but subsequently his blood sugar fell down and he could not take milk properly. So he was admitted to NICU, but after everything was controlled, he had been sent to the mother.
Now mother and baby both are doing fine.

PCOS, Obesity, Hypothyroid, Conceived with Ovulation Induction

•They came to us in May 2017 for the first time with difficulty in conceiving. All the reports were normal except that the lady had irregular cycles for PCOS, because of which she did not have “OVULATION” (eggs were not growing and getting ruptured).
Additionally she was suffering from hypothyroidism, for which L Thyroxine supplementation was started.
She was also overweight. So we advised Weight Reduction.
Finally they agreed to have “OVULATION INDUCTION” (OI) with oral tablet Letrozole. In the first month, we monitored her with TVS Follicular scan to confirm if Letrozole was able to start Ovulation. When it was confirmed, we advised them to try this medicine at home for another 2 months. At the end of 2 months she felt frustrated as there was no pregnancy. But in next month she got the good news.
However, it was HIGH RISK PREGNANCY, because of PCOS, Hypothyroidism and Obesity. We performed screening for GDM (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus) using 75 gram glucose for OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test), because she was at risk of GDM. However, it was normal.
She was at risk of Preeclampsia (high Blood Pressure and loss of Protein in urine), so we advised low dose ASPIRIN tablet with regular blood pressure monitoring. It was also normal.
Thyroid was well controlled with medicine.
The First Trimester Test (Combined Test) showed high risk for Down Syndrome (Chromosomal Abnormality and Mentally Challenged child). So we advised Amniocentesis (collecting fluid from mother’s uterus, around the baby, which is Amniotic Fluid) to confirm the suspicion, after explaining all risks and benefits. Amniocentesis was done and the result was NORMAL. 
The Anomaly Scan was normal. Because of Obesity, she was at risk of IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction), restricted growth of the baby. So we advised Regular Growth Scan , which revealed IUGR. However baby’s blood flow was normal.
So we gave her Steroid Injection to promote lung development of the baby and decided to deliver at 37 werk at NICU Set Up.
The delivery was done. Both mother and baby are healthy now. Because of weight, we advised her injection Low Molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH) to reduce the risk of blood clotting (Thrombosis).
We are grateful to them for keeping faith on us throughout their struggle.

“Infertility”- Always Treatment is not Needed

•This lady is 25 year-old and husband’s age is 27 years. They were trying for pregnancy for 9 months only. Within this time, they had number of investigations s d received number of medicines like DHEA, CLOMIPHENE, PROGESTERONE and LETROZOLE. Nothing worked. Actually nothing was required. 
When they visited us at 2018 September, we asked them “ARE YOU IN A HURRY TO HAVE BABY VERY SOON?” They replied, “WE WANT TO TRY NATURALLY FOR SOME MORE MONTHS”. We respected their decision, stopped all medicines, advised only
1. Folic Acid
2. Regular Frequent Intercourse
3. Thalassemia test and Rubella test.
Today they came with smiling face with the GOOD NEWS.

Secondary Infertility- Successful Ovulation Induction

•Problem in conceiving second time
This problem is called “SECONDARY INFERTILITY”.
This lady 33-year-old, came from Singur, West Bengal. They have a baby boy born 8 years ago and he is doing well. That time, the lady conceived naturally without any treatment. They tried for pregnancy for last 4 years but in vain. 
We performed investigations like Semen analysis of the husband, Tube check by SSG (Sonosalpingography) and hormonal tests and found all were normal, except that she has PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). She is having irregular periods and is also overweight. We advised folic acid and weight reduction.
Next cycle, we gave Letrozole for Ovulation Induction and asked her to come for TVS Follicular Scan to see if there was ovulation (eggs growing properly inside the ovaries and are released from the ovaries). The report was satisfactory and we advised them to try by themselves.
As she had irregular periods, she could not understand whether she got pregnant or not. Today she came for consultation and while doing TVS we discovered there is pregnancy inside the uterus. The urine pregnancy test is also POSITIVE.
Sometimes proper tests, proper medicines and proper monitoring can give pregnancy by natural trying without any costly treatment.
Please pray for them. •

IUI Pregnancy, Male Infertility

•The best gift for this couple on this Festive day of Laxmi Puja.
They have been trying for pregnancy for last one and half years. They visited us, for the first time in May, 2018. Female factors were all OK. But husband has sperm problems. Proper evaluation was done and it revealed an Epididymal cyst, which was treated.
They decided for IUI and the result is positive after the 1st cycle of IUI.

PCOS,  Problems in Masturbation, IVF, Pregnancy

•There are something, we do NOT understand. 
This couple came to us in December 2017 with Infertility of 10 years with history of one miscarriage earlier. The lady is having PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) with irregular periods. They tried several cycles of Ovulation Induction outside. 
They went for one cycle of IUI but it could not be done due to “Semen Collection Problem” in husband. We talked to him, addressed his issue and offered him collection in homely environment with Sperm Freezing.
They initially planned for further IUI, with frozen sperms, because of financial constraints. But later they decided for IVF, being motivated by one of their relatives, ad she is already 35 years. 
IVF was done, taking care of husband’s semen collection problem. As she is PCOS, she over responded to ovarian stimulations. This is called “Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome” (OHSS), which was managed successfully with medicines, strict monitoring, protein rich diet etc. 40 eggs (!) were collected and ultimately 18 embryos were formed. Because of OHSS, we decided to freeze all embryos and going for FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) later on.
While preparing her for FET, we found endometrium (the inner lining of the uterus) was not good. So we tried another medicine for it. However, she did not have bleeding. So, we gave her medicine for starting periods. Still she did not bleed.
Today she came to us for not having bleeding despite taking medicine. And to all our surprise, this is the result she got. Please pray for her.
This is why we say, there are many a things we do not understand properly. Some studies are saying, it may be related to stress. Probably, because of stress, her hormones were not functioning properly. And after release of stress after IVF, the hormones become active again. It’s a theory, but we do not know what’s happening actually. •

Severe Oligospermia, IVF-ICSI, Blastocyst, Frozen Embryo

•For this couple, nothing can be better than this Durga Puja Gift!
They came with Male Factor Problem. The man, 36 years, overweight, was on medicine Sulfasalazine (SSZ) for back pain (Ankylosing Spondylitis- AS). SSZ is known to reduce sperm count. However, after stoppage of the medicine SSZ and replacing with better medicine for AS could not improve sperm count. They tried different medicines to improve the sperm count but all failed.
When they came to us we found all female factors normal, except Polycystic Ovaries. We examined the man and advised some tests but all were normal.
We gave them options like- directly ICSI or trying for IUI in one cycle, all using husband’s sperms. They chose ICSI, after explanation of the success rates, merits and demerits. 
Due to sperm problems, we got very few number of good quality embryos. All embryos were frozen and then transferred. Two embryos grew till blastocyst stage.
Today beta hCG result is 239.1 IU/ml. Please pray for them.

Bangladesh Patient, PCOS, Successful Pregnancy

•A great gift for us in this festive season.
They came to us with their desire to have a baby, after having struggle for long time. The woman has PCOS. 
They came to us in Kolkata for the first time in December 2017 and we performed initial tests. 
We advised them to take Tablet LETROZOLE from Bangladesh for 5 days and return to us to do TVS Follicular scan to see if eggs were growing after taking the medicine. They stayed in Kolkata for one werk for the scan and after knowing that the eggs were growing well they returned to Bangladesh.
They were advised to take medicine for another 3 months and if no result, they should return after 3 months.
Fortunately, they conceived after one month of taking the medicine. Pregnancy was uneventful. During pregnancy and delivery, the lady was under a good Obstetrician in Rajshahi. Today they become proud parents. 
We thank them for giving us the good news on this Auspicious day if DURGA PANCHAMI. Please wish them

PCOS, Conceived with Letrozole

•Today morning, just before the festival starts, this patient came with smiling face.
She is having PCOS. Husband’s sperm had small problems in Motility. She did HSG outside which showed both tubes blocked. Then she underwent Laparoscopy which showed both the tubes normal. 
They have been trying for pregnancy for ONLY 3 months and within this time she had 2 cycles of IUI outside using tablets and injections, probably because she was very much impatient.
When they came to us, we explained about their condition, counseled them. They wanted to try with taking medicines (OVULATION INDUCTION) for 3 months, before considering IUI. We gave them tablet Letrozole and performed TVS Follicular scan to see if eggs were growing with that medicine. The eggs were growing.
So we advised them to take the medicines for another 2 months. But fortunately they don’t require it. Only after 1st month if treatment, they got the GOOD NEWS.
Sometimes, you have to give time to yourself.

Diabetes, Sperm Motility Problem, Spontaneous Pregnancy

•This early morning message made our day. 
The woman is diabetic, because of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). The man had increased DNA fragmentation in the sperms.

IUI, Triplet, Unexplained Infertility

•They came to us in May 2017 with inability to conceive for 2 years. They did some tests outside and these were normal. We carried out rest of the tests and all were normal. So it was “UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY”.
After discussing the merits and demerits of different treatment options, they agreed to try medicines for 3 months. We gave Tablet Clomiphene Citrate (CC) for 3 months and performed TVS follicular scan in 1st month to confirm that CC was working (eggs were growing with CC).
Unfortunately they did not conceive within 3 months. They wanted to proceed for IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) for 3 to 4 times after discussion of the pros and cons. IUI was done using CC and Injection. In the 1st cycle, 3 follicles were growing.
We gave them 2 options- (1) proceeding for IUI , that carries the risk of multiple pregnancy (Twin, Triplet), or (2) cancelling the IUI that time. They were eager to conceive, so they opted for option (1).
IUI was done and they conceived after the 1st IUI. But as expected, it was TRIPLET pregnancy. Again we discussed 2 options- (1) to continue as Triplet that carries higher risk to mother and babies, or (2) to convert Triplet into Twin by “damaging” one baby, called “SELECTIVE FETAL REDUCTION”, that carries small risk of losing all the 3 babies. They decided for the 2nd option. Fetal Reduction was done around 14 weeks, after NT scan by an Expert Fetal Medicine Specialist. The procedure was uneventful.
The rest of the pregnancy was uncomplicated, except she continued Thyroid medicine for Hypothyroidism. However, she required extra visits and more frequent scans to see if all the babies were OK. 
Finally, decision for delivery was taken after Steroid Injection for promoting Lung Maturity if the babies. Delivery was done by Caesarean Section as both babies were in Breech (Upside down, head up, bottom below) in NICU set up. As per their request, her husband was allowed to stay inside the Operation Theatre at the time of Delivery.
Both babies cried at birth, one male and one female weighing 2.3 and 2.1 Kg respectively. None of them required NICU Admission. Mother is also healthy.
We are grateful to this couple for keeping faith on us throughout their journey from the beginning till delivery.
PS- Picture taken with kind permission from the Mother.

Letrozole-Conception, PCOS

•This couple came from Singur with Inability to conceive. The woman is having PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). All other tests are normal. She received Letrozole tablet outside but without any monitoring. 
We advised the same treatment with increased dose of the tablet but with regular TVS Follicular scan to check if she responded to the medicine (eggs are growing properly).
And she conceived after 1st cycle of treatment.
Please pray for her.

Non-Consummation of Marriage, Conceived Naturally

•PS- Published with kind permission from the patient. •For any couples coming with Infertility it’s important to ask for Sexual Dysfunction, frequency of Intercourse and duration of trying for the baby.
This couple visited some other place, after having tried for 6 months for pregnancy. They were advised all the tests like Semen, Hormones, Ultrasound etc. However, when they went for HSG of the woman (to look for tubal patency), the radiologist could not perform HSG and found the hymen was intact. He suspected NON CONSUMMATION of MARRIAGE.
Then the couple came to us and we felt their problem was not “INFERTILITY”, rather “SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION”. After talking to them in details, we discovered that they did not have proper knowledge about the body anatomy and therefore they did not know the actual technique. 
We discussed with them the importance of proper technique and proper penetration. After counselling they agreed to wait for another 6 months before starting any “INFERTILITY TREATMENT”. 
The lady got pregnant within 3 months. Pregnancy was uncomplicated and yesterday she delivered a healthy baby.
Therefore, it’s important for the couples to disclose their personal issues to doctor before any test or treatment. •

PCOS not responding to oral medicines, Conceived with Injections Naturally

•The basic problem in PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is that there are numerous eggs in the ovaries but they do not grow and Ovulate (release of eggs).
The first line of treatment in PCOS, therefore, is Ovulation Induction (giving medicine to grow and release the eggs). This has to be done VERY CAREFULLY. If medicines are ineffective, eggs won’t grow. On the other hand, slight increase in dose can cause many follicles to grow, leading to serious complications like OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome- ovaries enlarge, water can accumulate in various body parts) and Multiple Pregnancy (Twin, Triplet etc). That’s why we must do TVS Follicular Scan to see if eggs are growing and whether there is chance of OHSS or not.
The first line of agents in Ovulation Induction are usually oral tablets like CC (Clomiphene Citrate) and Letrozole. Sometimes we add Metformin tablet to improve the response to the oral medicines. If these do not work we have 2 options- injection Gonadotropin (that carries small risk of OHSS and Multiple pregnancy, therefore, needs intense Monitoring by TVS) or a surgery called LOD (Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling- the electric current is used to burn few follicles in PCO). However, LOD carries surgical, anesthetic risks and also the risk of ovarian damage.
This couple came to us with PCOS with 3 tears long Infertility and Irregular Periods in March 2018, referred by another Doctor to us. They tried Ovulation Induction with CC and Letrozole with the highest possible dose. But she did not ovulate. She underwent LOD outside (in Chennai). But even after surgery she did not ovulate. So we used the last option which is expensive- daily dose of small amount of FSH (Gonadotropin) injection and intense monitoring. They conceived with 2nd cycle of our therapy.
Please pray for them.

Erectile Dysfunction, Ejaculation Problem, Conceived with Self Insemination

•Problems in Sex Life is not as uncommon, as it seema. This couple presented to us in April 2017 with ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION of the man and they never had successful penetration. After initial work up no apparent cause was found and the man was advised some medicines, some special exercise etc.
Erection improved within a month and he was able to penetrate but there was NO EJACULATION during intercourse. However, there was ejaculation during Masturbation and he also felt “night fall”.
Ejaculation problem is difficult to treat. So they tried Self Vaginal Insemination. However, they felt frustrated and planned for IUI. All fertility investigations of both husband and wife (Semen, Ultrasound, Hormones, Tubes) were normal. 
While planning for IUI, they conceived “naturally” with self-vaginal Insemination.

Unexplained Infertility, Conceived with Clomiphene

•1. You have to give time.
2. If you take medicines for Ovulation Induction, it’s important to do Follicular scan to see if eggs are growing with the medicines, at least in the 1st cycle.
When all reports (Semen, Tubes, Hormones) are OK , still you struggle to conceive.
This couple came to us in April 2018. All reports were normal except Tubal Patency test, which we performed by SSG and found normal.
They received Letrozole for Ovulation Induction 6 cycles outside, but without any Follicular Scan.
After discussion, they agreed to have 3 cycles of Clomiphene Citrate (CC). In the first cycle we found she was ovulating with CC. We advised them to try it for another 2 cycles and then return.
They returned today , after 2 months only, taking CC for 2 cycles only, but with Good News.
Please pray for them.

Success after 2nd IUI, PCOS-Infertility

•You have to have faith on yourselves.
This couple came to us in early 2017. The woman was having PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).
After reviewing all reports we advised Ovulation Induction (OI) with different medicines and injections. However all failed to give pregnancy.
We are thankful to this couple as they bore with us when we had problems with TVS monitoring (machine disturbance, change of place and emergency problem from our part).
Finally they decided for 2 cycles of IUI, failing which they would go for IVF.
IUI 1st cycle done at December 2017 but it failed. They did not give up. They opted for 2bd cycle IUI in January 2018 and it becomes positive.
Like before, they kept trust on us throughout the pregnancy. The woman developed Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) which was controlled with medicine and dietary restrictions. GDM was diagnosed according to DIPSI Guidelines using 75 gram glucose tolerance test. Retinal check up, kidney function test, HbA1c testing, Regular monitoring of blood sugar, Echocardiography of the baby and Growth scan were all done, apart from routinely advised first trimester screening and Anomaly Scan.
After discussion with them, decision for delivery was taken. Steroid injection was given for lung maturity of the baby. Delivery was done at 38 weeks at NICU Set up. Healthy baby cried at birth, weighing 2.74 Kg and did not require NICU Admission.
The family is ready to welcome their new member with great pride.

Natural Pregnancy after 4 times IUI Failure, PCOS, Ejaculatory Disorder

•Sometimes your strong WILL power, TRUST and the ability to FIGHT matter.
The couple came to us first time in June 2016 with inability to have a baby. The woman is having PCOS and hypothyroidism. The man had mild problems in Ejaculation. All other investigations were normal.
The man’s problem did not respond to standard medicine and Pelvic Floor Exercise etc. They finally agreed to have self-vaginal Insemination at home. But the woman’s PCOS also did not respond to Clomiphene. (At that time Letrozole was Banned in India).
So they decided for IUI. After so much trial and error, we found she was responding to the combination of Clomiphene tablets and Injections. So first cycle IUI was done in January 2017. 
The result of the first cycle IUI was POSITIVE! Unfortunately it was BIOCHEMICAL PREGNANCY. The test report came negative within one week. However, they kept faith on themselves and on us.
The lady repeatedly asked “Doctor I am feeling better with your medicines. My periods are more regular now. I know you can fulfill my dream of Motherhood”.
2nd IUI was done in July 2017. It was straightforward NEGATIVE.
Then they took a break and tried self-vaginal Insemination and concentrated on man’s problem. His problem improved a little.
They again came for 3rd cycle IUI in February 2018. Again it was NEGATIVE. They felt frustrated but never LOST HOPE.
Then 4th cycle IUI was done with Letrozole and Injection in June 2018. It was also NEGATIVE.
They decided to go for IVF after few months after they can arrange for money, time and all. In last consultation, they asked for details of IVF.
However, they NEVER STOPPED TRYING. Finally the self-vaginal Insemination is SUCCESSFUL.
This it took MORE THAN 2 YEARS to see their smiling face. However, the jounery is yet to be completed.

PCOS Conceived without any treatment

•”Give Yourself Time”.
The husband is a Doctor and therefore, was very much concerned about wife’s condition (PCOS). They were just planning for pregnancy. 
We asked them to give more time. No Fertility Investigation or No Active Treatment was given. We only checked for hormonal profile in PCOS and advised L Thyroxine for Thyroid Problem and Metformin for PCOS.
Additionally, as a part of Routine Pre Pregnancy Care, only few tests were advised- blood group, Thalassemia screening and Rubella Testing. Folic Acid Supplement was started.
The plan was to allow them at least 6 months time for Spontaneous Conception, failing which Active Investigation and Treatment of Fertility problems will be advised.
Now they got the good news.
So, give yourself time. Many a times, you do NOT need any investigation or Treatment at all.

PCOS, Conceived Naturally while planning for IUI

•PCOS trying for pregnancy for one year. Mild defects in Sperms.
Taken 4 cycles of Clomiphene and conceived in the month when they lost all hopes and were planning for IUI.

PCOS- always does NOT need treatment

•Woman with PCOS. Came today with Good News. No active treatment was done. Was advised only Folic Acid and Metformin.

IVF Success after Failure, Poor Egg Count, Sperm Morphology Problem

•Couple with poor ovarian reserve and abnormal Sperm Morphology. 
Had IUI once. It failed.
Went for 1st cycle IVF. No Embryo was formed, unfortunately.
Kept trust and tried 2nd cycle IVF after 1 month.
This time 2 embryos formed. Frozen Transfer was done. And it came positive.
Pray and hope everything will be fine.

Natural Pregnancy is Possible even when you plan for IVF

•When you are planning for IVF, that does NOT mean that you can never conceive NATURALLY. The same applies when IVF fails.
What matters is, whether you conceive, NOT how you conceive.
This lady had previous ectopic pregnancy. When she came to us at 37 years in April 2018, we found severe endometriosis with both tubes blocked and low AMH. We gave them two options
1. Laparoscopy
2. IVF.
They were planning for IVF, but after Puja 2018.
Last week they came with positive PREGNANCY TEST but with anxious look (concerned about Ectopic again).
We did serial beta hCG in blood and today ultrasound scan revealed totally normal pregnancy INSIDE the uterus (so it’s NOT Ectopic). Moreover, the heart beat has been seen.
Please pray for her.

Erectile Dysfunction, Conceived by Self Insemination while planning for Pregnancy

•The couple had difficulty in consummation of marriage because of severe ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION of the husband and severe LOW DESIRE of the wife.
They came to us in June 2017, saying that they did not have a single episode if SUCCESSFUL INTERCOURSE even 6 months after marriage. All initial examination and reports of the both the partners were normal. 
The wife’s condition improved dramatically after 1st month of treatment and counseling. However, husband’s condition improved a little, even after several steps of all possible therapy. So, finally he was advised to have PENILE DOPPLER which suggested impaired blood flow to the penis. Urological consultation was done but nothing worked. 
In May 2018, they said, they are more interested in pregnancy than satisfying conjugal life, at least for the time being. So, they were advised pre conceptional care. They agreed to have 3-4 months of self-vaginal insemination with LH kit, failing which they would opt for IUI.
Fortunately they did not require IUI, rather conceived by the technique they were advised to follow.

So, SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION is not uncommon. Do not suffer silently.

PCOS- often you conceive with proper medicines

•Ovulation Induction 3 cycles with medicine can often be helpful for many couples with PCOS to get pregnant.
But it’s important to check if the lady is having Ovulation with that medicine, by TVS
This is an example.

Success in Sperm Morphology Problem

•Patient presented from Jamshedpur with one year duration of Infertility. Apparently it looked “Unexplained Subfertility” with all reports normal. Subsequent Semen Analysis from 2nd Lab revealed “Teeatozoospermia” (Abnormal shape of Sperms). Was advised antioxidants to the husband and Wife underwent Ovulation Induction with Letrozole 5 mg followed by TVS Follicular Study.
This is the report today.
Please wish them luck.

Successful IUI with Donor Sperms

•Referred from Bahrampur for IUI.
Husband Azoospermic, could not afford testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA) and IVF-ICSI. So opted for Donor IUI.
Female factors normal.
Conceived at first IUI with Donor Sperm.
Please pray for her.

Success after Non-Consummation of Marriage for Erectile Dysfunction

•Couple presented with non consummation of marriage because of problem in husband. However, no medicines worked. They finally attempted pregnancy by self insemination as per our advice (husband used to collect semen and used to insert it with dropper inside the vagina). Today they came with the good result (Shown in the picture below). Please pray for her.

PCOS, Hyperstimulation (OHSS), Hypothyroid, Thalassaemia carrier

•Published with kind written consent from the patient.
Infertility and High Risk Pregnancy gi hand in hand.
She is having PCOS, in 1st cycle with 100 mg Clomiphene Citrate (CC), she had OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome- where ovaries respond in unusual excessive manner to the medicines given for increasing the chance of rupture of the eggs). That cycle was cancelled and they were asked to abstain from sexual intercourse.
Next cycle she was given 50 mg CC. This time again she had OHSS. We offered her conversion to IVF but she could not afford.
Surprisingly she conceived and it was single tone pregnancy (we were apprehensive that there may be twin or triplet).
She is beta thalassaemia carrier (but husband normal), so she had severe Anaemia in pregnancy.
She is hypothyroid and was on replacement with L Thyroxine throughout the pregnancy.
First trimester screening (combined test) showed High Risk for Down Syndrome, so Amniocentesis was done and fortunately the report came as normal.
By 28 weeks she developed intense itching all over the body, and after blood test, was diagnosed to have Obstetric Cholestasis.
Serial Growth Scan revealed FGR (Fetal Growth Restriction).
Steroid was given to promote lung maturity of the baby and delivery was done at 36 weeks with NICU backup , keeping one unit of blood in hand.
Baby boy weighing 2 kg was delivered and cried at birth, did not require NICU.
One unit blood was transfused.
Finally we see her smiling face. •

Fibroid-Infertility, Conceived WITHOUT Operation, PCOS, Hypothyroid

•Fibroid always DOES NOT NEED REMOVAL.
Patient presented with Infertility because of PCOS in 2016. We advised weight reduction and offered investigation.
All tests were normal except polycystic ovaries and multiple FIBROIDS in uterus.
We advised her try for natural conception first.
She could not come for follow up because of personal and career commitment..
However, all of a sudden she visited to us in 2017 with positive pregnancy test.
Her Fibroids increased in size tremendously causing severe pain (relieved by frequent use of injection and advice for hospitalization).
Additionally, her vaby did not grow well (FETAL GROWTH RESTRICTION- FGR) for which serial ultrasound monitoring was done.
Baby was also in BREECH (upside down, buttock first and head higher).
After testing for OGTT with 75 gram glucose, she was found to have GDM (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus) which was controlled with oral medicines and diet.
She was also hypothyroid taking medicine.
Considering all high risk we planned for C section at 36 weeks with consent that she might need MYOMECTOMY (Fibroid Removal) during C Section and blood in hand. Steroid was given to promote lung maturity of the baby.
However, we managed to deliver the baby without disturbing the Fibroids. Blood was NOT transfused. 
A very cute female baby weighing 2 Kg was delivered and sent to SCBU for initial breathing troubles. However she was alright within 24 hours and was sent to ward with mother.
Both are healthy with mother’s blood sugar being normal after delivery.
PS- Taken with kind permission from the patient.

Unexplained Infertility, Obesity, Repeated Miscarriage,

•Infertility with Recurrent Miscarriage
Patient presented to us with previous 2 early miscarriage (no heart beat seen) followed by secondary Infertility.
All investigations were normal (hormones, ultrasound, tubes, semen). Regarding Miscarriage- karyotype, Anti Phospho lipid antibody, 3D ultrasound all were normal.
She was obese with hypothyroid.
As a treatment of “UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY” she received several cycles.
The Recurrent Miscarriage was also UNEXPLAINED.
We discussed with her next treatment plan. She tried to wait and fortunately conceived within 3 months SPONTANEOUSLY.
Regarding UNEXPLAINED REPEATED MISCARRIAGE, we discussed with her treatment options and their limitations and lack of GUARUNTEE that these treatment are 100% effective. She opted for these treatment as a last resort. We repeatedly explained that all these treatment may fail and without medicine successful outcome can happen.
1. Hydroxyprogesterone caproate inj (500) twice weekly till 20 weeks
2. Natural micronized progesterone gel once daily till 30 weeks
3. Inj hCG (5000) twice weekly till 12 weeks
4. Inj Enoxaparin (40) daily till delivery
5. Inj IgG once in 3 weeks till 18 weeks
6. Tab dydrogesterone 20 mg/day till 20 weeks
7. Aspirin 75 mg/day till one week before delivery.
We planned for delivery at 37 weeks. But suddenly she went into labour and the liquor was MECONIUM STAINED (baby passed stool and was distressed before delivery). So decision for Emergency C Section was taken.
She delivered a healthy Male Baby last night.
A mother’s smile with her baby in her lap is just DIVINE.


Unexplained Infertility, Natural Conception

•Patient with Unexplained Subfertility, spontaneous conception, thalassemia minor delivered successfully.

Male infertility, Spontaneous Pregnancy

• A couple with mild male factor Infertility (slightly low Sperm motility) was advised HyCoSy to check for tubal patency. She was reluctant to do the test. The cycle in which she finally agreed to do the test, ended up in missed period. Urine pregnancy test was positive. But she could not believe in her eyes. So they checked blood from the laboratory and it turned out to be positive.


PCOS, Natural Conception, Obesity, Hypothyroidism

•They were trying for pregnancy for two years. They tried ovulation induction with oral medicines for several cycles •We found all investigations normal, except PCOS •We gave them ovulation induction with injectables. These failed. She was planning for IUI. In the meantime she conceived naturally. •Her blood group was negative, so serial blood test for ICT (Indirect Coombs Test) was done to see if baby was affected or not. ICT was normal •Thyroid problem was well controlled with medicines •Delivery was done successfully. Baby is doing well •Mother was advised heparin injection after delivery to prevent thrombosis (as she was overweight)

Dermoid Cyst Removal, Laparoscopy, Natural Pregnancy

•Dermoid Cyst Removal and Preserving the healthy Ovary by Laparoscopy in a lady with Infertility.
It was 5 cm dermoid cyst in left ovary. After taking consent and explaining the risk, we proceeded for Laparoscopy and removed the cyst with all hair (!!!) and secretion. The right ovary was intact and not disturbed. The left ovary was preserved as much as possible so as not to compromise her Fertility much.
We also performed hysteroscopy to look inside the uterus in the same sitting (with her consent) to avoid the need of second operation.
We also checked whether the tubes are patent or not by inserting blue dye (Methylene blue- shown in the picture).
Dermoid cyst is a benign tumour of the ovary that may contain hair (seen in this picture), oil (like skin secretion), skin, teeth, bones, cartilages etc.
The chance of malignancy is very rare.
But if left untreated, it can undergo TORSION (twisting of the ovary, causing severe pain and may cause gangrene of the ovary if untreated, an ACUTE EMERGENCY) and also hemorrhage inside the cyst.
It was a CHALLENGE to remove the cyst (5 cm size) keeping the ovary (we took consent from the woman that she may require removal of the ovary, fortunately it did not happen).
The operation took long time but finally it was done. •She got pregnant naturally within 3 months of surgery

Fibroid-Infertility, Lapaparoscopic Myomectomy, Low AMH, Advanced Age, Spontaneous Pregnancy

•40 year-old woman presented with Infertility of 5 years •AMH was very low and she was advised IVF with Egg-Donation •She had large fibroid (6 cm) with heavy menstrual bleeding, not relieved by any medicines •We removed the fibroid by laparoscopy (Myomectomy) and she was discharged from the hospital next day •Within 3 months after the operation, she conceived spontaneously (Without IVF) and delivered a healthy baby

Secondary Unexplained  Infertility, Spontaneous Conception

•Their first pregnancy ended in miscarriage after a trauma •Then they could not conceive but all reports were normal •She conceived spontaneously with twin •At 28 weeks, she went into preterm labour and delivered the babies •Unfortunately one baby dies because of infection •The other baby was taken care in NICU •Now both the mother and baby are doing well •