6 Essential Nutrients for Women

A woman’s body needs a lot of nourishment. There are many vitamins and minerals that ensure a healthy body. However, as you reach puberty and age more, a few nutrients become vital for healthy functionality, reproduction as well as vitality. On this International Day Of Action For Women’s Health, 28th May, learn more about the women’s health so that you or women around you stay healthy. Here are top 6 nutrients that are a must for women of all ages: 1) Vitamin B12 – Women suffer from extreme fatigue as soon as they reach late 20s or mid-30s […]

8 Ways to Avoid Irregular Periods

How to make your menstrual cycles regular? In our clinics everyday some patients at different ages will come with complaint of irregular menstrual cycles. But there are other patients who feel embarrassed to seek doctor’s help for this problem. While it seems to be a simple problem related to reproduction only, often it is associated with diseases that are matter s of concern.First, you should know what is meant by the word “irregular”? In most women period occurs at interval of 28 to 30 days. But it is said to be normal if it happens every 21-35 days. […]

Ovarian Dermoid Cyst, Infertility

Dermoid cyst is a benign tumour of the ovary that may contain hair (seen in this picture), oil (like skin secretion), skin, teeth, bones, cartilages etc. The chance of malignancy is very rare. But if left untreated, it can undergo TORSION (twisting of the ovary, causing severe pain and may cause gangrene of the ovary if untreated, an ACUTE EMERGENCY) and also hemorrhage inside the cyst. It is one of the commonest ovarian cysts found in infertile women.  Laparoscopy is safe and effective way of removal of this cyst. But care should be taken to minimize the damage to the ovary […]

ডার্মোয়েড সিস্ট, বন্ধ্যত্ব

ডার্মোয়েড সিস্ট ডিম্বাশয়ের একটি বিনাইন টিউমার যাতে চুল (ছবিতে দেখা যাচ্ছে), তেল (চামড়ার নিঃসরণ), ত্বক, দাঁত, হাড়, কার্টিলেজ ইত্যাদি থাকতে পারে। ম্যালিগন্যান্সির সম্ভাবনা খুবই বিরল। কিন্তু যদি চিকিত্সা না করা যায়, তবে এতে টর্সান (ডিম্বাশয়ের প্যাঁচ খাওয়া, গুরুতর ব্যথা হয় এবং গ্যাংগ্রিন ও হতে পারে যা ইমার্জেন্সি হতে পারে) এবং পেটের ভেতরও রক্তক্ষরণ হতে পারে। বন্ধ্যত্বের শিকার এমন মহিলাদের ডিম্বাশয়ের মধ্যে অনেকসময় এই টিউমার পাওয়া যায়। ল্যাপারোস্কোপি এই টিউমার অপসারণের নিরাপদ এবং কার্যকর উপায়। তবে অপারেশনের সময় ডিম্বাশয়ের ক্ষতির পরিমাণ কমানোর জন্য যত্ন নেওয়া উচিত। ল্যাপারোস্কোপি দ্বারা ডার্মোয়েড সিস্ট অপসারণ এবং বন্ধ্যত্বের শিকার এমন এক মহিলার ডিম্বাশয়ের সংরক্ষণ। […]

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy, Preeclampsia

PS- Published with kind permission from the patient. She was referred to us by our Colleague from Chandannagar, as she required delivery at NICU Set Up. Young lady had Hypertension (high Blood Pressure- BP) diagnosed before pregnancy (“Chronic Hypertension”) but she was not taking medicines properly. She did not visit the Gynaecologist before pregnancy. She visited the Gynaecologist at 16 week of pregnancy for the first time. The doctor did all the tests (blood, urine, Ultrasound) that are needed in a pregnant woman with high BP and started medicines to lower BP. The diagnosis of Preeclampsia (PE) was made. Initially […]

Pcos, Sperm Motility, Growth Restricted Baby

They came to us in December 2017 with Inability to conceive. The woman had PCOS. The man had mild problems in Sperm Motility. All other reports were normal. The woman had Hypothyroidism, which was well controlled with Medicine. They agreed to try Ovulation Induction (medicines to help the eggs grow) for 2-3 months. We performed TVS Follicular Scan to see if eggs were growing after taking the medicines. Fortunately they conceived after 1st month of taking the medicine. Pregnancy was largely uncomplicated. All the reports were normal, like Combined Test, Anomaly scan etc. As she was at risk of FGR […]

Pcos, Ovulation Induction, Amniocentesis, Pregnancy

They came to us in May 2017 for the first time with difficulty in conceiving. All the reports were normal except that the lady had irregular cycles for PCOS, because of which she did not have “OVULATION” (eggs were not growing and getting ruptured). Additionally, she was suffering from hypothyroidism, for which L Thyroxine supplementation was started. She was also overweight. So we advised Weight Reduction. Finally they agreed to have “OVULATION INDUCTION” (OI) with oral tablet Letrozole. In the first month, we monitored her with TVS Follicular scan to confirm if Letrozole was able to start Ovulation. When it […]

Secondary Infertility Success

The problem in conceiving the second time- this problem is called “SECONDARY INFERTILITY”.  This lady 33-year-old came from Singur, West Bengal. They have a baby boy born 8 years ago and he is doing well. That time, the lady conceived naturally without any treatment. They tried for pregnancy for the last 4 years but in vain. We performed investigations like Semen analysis of the husband, Tube check by SSG (Sonosalpingography) and hormonal tests and found all were normal, except that she has PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). She is having irregular periods and is also overweight. We advised folic acid and […]

Low Amh: Ivf Not Always Needed

Low AMH does not mean you cannot get pregnant. What is AMH? AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone) is a hormone secreted by the ovaries. AMH indicates the “ovarian reserve”. It is checked by a blood test. This blood can be checked at any time. What is Ovarian Reserve? “Ovarian reserve” means the number of eggs inside the ovaries of a woman at a particular time. In women, the eggs are produced in the ovaries before the women is born. After birth, no new eggs are produced. On the contrary, in each month, a number of eggs are destroyed. From […]

PCOS: Can Conceive With Correct Treatment

In women with PCOS, there are sufficient number of eggs inside the ovaries. The only problem is that the eggs cannot grow and are released (“Ovulation“). Therefore, if the Fallopian Tubes and the Sperms are normal, the treatment of PCOS Infertility is “Ovulation Induction (OI)”– the treatment to stimulate the eggs to grow and ovulate. Before ovulation induction, the main advice is weight control. If weight is optimum, the response of the ovaries by the medicines increases. Sometimes, some medicines (Metformin, Inositol) can be added..The first line of medicines used for OI are orally taken medicines like Clomiphene Citrate […]