High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy, Preeclampsia

PS- Published with kind permission from the patient. She was referred to us by our Colleague from Chandannagar, as she required delivery at NICU Set Up. Young lady had Hypertension (high Blood Pressure- BP) diagnosed before pregnancy (“Chronic Hypertension”) but she was not taking medicines properly. She did not visit the Gynaecologist before pregnancy. She visited the Gynaecologist at 16 week of pregnancy for the first time. The doctor did all the tests (blood, urine, Ultrasound) that are needed in a pregnant woman with high BP and started medicines to lower BP. The diagnosis of Preeclampsia (PE) was made. Initially […]

Secondary Infertility Success

The problem in conceiving the second time- this problem is called “SECONDARY INFERTILITY”.  This lady 33-year-old came from Singur, West Bengal. They have a baby boy born 8 years ago and he is doing well. That time, the lady conceived naturally without any treatment. They tried for pregnancy for the last 4 years but in vain. We performed investigations like Semen analysis of the husband, Tube check by SSG (Sonosalpingography) and hormonal tests and found all were normal, except that she has PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). She is having irregular periods and is also overweight. We advised folic acid and […]

Successful 2nd Pregnancy After Death of 1st Baby Inside Uterus

The Best New Year Gift for this Couple. They came to us one year ago. Three months prior to that, the lady lost her first pregnancy, because the baby died inside the uterus at 30-week of pregnancy. We provided them with TLC (Tender Loving Care). We explained to them that we need to do some tests to find out the cause of fetal death (IUFD- Intrauterine Fetal Death). If any cause would be found, we could take some corrective measures in the next pregnancy. However, in 50% cases, no cause of IUFD could be found despite extensive investigations but in […]

Spontaneous Pregnancy in Low Amh Before Egg Donation-Ivf

Everything is POSSIBLE in Infertility.  The couple had been trying for pregnancy for EIGHT long years. The woman was diagnosed with Poor Ovarian Reserve (POR), that is low Egg Count as seen by low AMH and Low AFC. She was advised to try for IVF with Self-eggs and also IVF with Donor-eggs. She could not afford IVF. She came to us last week. She is already 38 years old and is not having periods for last nine months. Blood results showed high FSH, meaning that she was having Premature Menopause. We thought she would probably require egg donation and […]

Hsg Can Increase the Chance of Pregnancy

What is HSG (Hysterosalpingogram)? HSG is a test done as a part of Female Infertility Evaluation, to check whether the Fallopian Tubes are open. Fallopian tubes (commonly called “the tubes”) are the structures that are connected to both sides of the uterus. Inside the tube, the sperms and the egg meet (“fertilization”) to form the embryo. HSG is a type of X Ray, done by inserting a special liquid (“Contrast”) into the Uterus through the Vagina.  When HSG is done? If you have been trying for pregnancy for one year, but could not conceive, HSG should be done. […]

Diabetes in Pregnancy May Be Missed and Be a Serious Issue

Diabetes in Pregnancy may be MISSED and be a SERIOUS issue. Many women DO NOT have Diabetes before pregnancy. Some may have Diabetes before pregnancy but it was UNDIAGNOSED. If these women develop Diabetes in pregnancy or it is detected for the first time in pregnancy, then it is called GESTATIONAL DIABETES MELLITUS (GDM).  Why GDM is so important? GDM carries risk to the mother and baby, both during pregnancy and thereafter. Risks for the baby before birth: Increased risk of birth defects (especially in the heart, brain and spine). High blood sugar level in early pregnancy increases the […]