Pcos, Hypothyroid, Pregnancy

They came to us with inability to conceive. They tried many medicines and even IUI. We found all tests normal except PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).  We gave them time to decide. They returned after a year and requested Ovulation Induction (Medicines to help the eggs grow). We advised medicines and TVS Follicular Scan (to see if eggs were growing after taking the medicine). There was no result after 2 months. But in the 3rd month, they conceived. Pregnancy was largely uneventful. All tests were normal. She was Hypothyroid, but it was well controlled with medicine. Finally both the mother […]

Pcos, Sperm Motility, Growth Restricted Baby

They came to us in December 2017 with Inability to conceive. The woman had PCOS. The man had mild problems in Sperm Motility. All other reports were normal. The woman had Hypothyroidism, which was well controlled with Medicine. They agreed to try Ovulation Induction (medicines to help the eggs grow) for 2-3 months. We performed TVS Follicular Scan to see if eggs were growing after taking the medicines. Fortunately they conceived after 1st month of taking the medicine. Pregnancy was largely uncomplicated. All the reports were normal, like Combined Test, Anomaly scan etc. As she was at risk of FGR […]

Pcos, Ovulation Induction, Amniocentesis, Pregnancy

They came to us in May 2017 for the first time with difficulty in conceiving. All the reports were normal except that the lady had irregular cycles for PCOS, because of which she did not have “OVULATION” (eggs were not growing and getting ruptured). Additionally, she was suffering from hypothyroidism, for which L Thyroxine supplementation was started. She was also overweight. So we advised Weight Reduction. Finally they agreed to have “OVULATION INDUCTION” (OI) with oral tablet Letrozole. In the first month, we monitored her with TVS Follicular scan to confirm if Letrozole was able to start Ovulation. When it […]

Pcos Related Infertility Is Easier to Treat

PCOS related Infertility is EASIER to treat if you receive proper medicine, come for TVS Follicular Study and control your weight. PCOS is NOT the disease of “Cysts”. It’s a hormonal problem and is NOT curable. However, it’s quite possible to keep this disease under control. The main treatment to keep it under control is Lifestyle changes, that is Weight Control. In PCOS, infertility is a common problem. The reason is, there are enough eggs inside the ovaries but they cannot grow and rupture (“Ovulation”). So, when weight loss cannot help, the treatment is Ovulation Induction (OI). In […]

PCOS: Can Conceive With Correct Treatment

In women with PCOS, there are sufficient number of eggs inside the ovaries. The only problem is that the eggs cannot grow and are released (“Ovulation“). Therefore, if the Fallopian Tubes and the Sperms are normal, the treatment of PCOS Infertility is “Ovulation Induction (OI)”– the treatment to stimulate the eggs to grow and ovulate. Before ovulation induction, the main advice is weight control. If weight is optimum, the response of the ovaries by the medicines increases. Sometimes, some medicines (Metformin, Inositol) can be added..The first line of medicines used for OI are orally taken medicines like Clomiphene Citrate […]

Pcos Conceived by Injections Without Laparoscopy or Ivf

PCOS Conceived by Injections without Laparoscopy or IVF. The first line of treatment in PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is weight control. Medicines like Metformin or Inositol can be added, if needed. The second step is OVULATION INDUCTION (OI)- giving MEDICINES, ORALLY (Clomiphene or Letrozole) so that the eggs grow and get released (“Ovulation”). But while taking medicines, its important to see if the medicines are able to induce ovulation, by TVS Follicular Study. Of course, the sperms and the tubes must be alright before planning OI. The third step has two options– Injections and Laparoscopy.  But when to go […]

Pcos Is Not the Disease of “Cysts”

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is not the disease of the “Cysts”. What appear as “cysts”, are actually the follicles (the sacs containing the eggs inside) which have not grown larger.  In a woman, there are follicles in the ovaries. In one month only one can enlarge and rupture, releasing the eggs (“Ovulation“). However, in PCOS, thus ovulation cannot happen properly.  Therefore, there is no actual “Cysts”. Ovarian Cyst is a different disease, which is actually a type of tumour, that can be treated by surgery. In PCOS, there is no such tumour. So, we cannot take out the “Cysts” and cure […]

Ovulation Induction Is a Very Useful Method of Infertility Treatment

Ovulation Induction is a very useful method of Infertility Treatment, provided it is applied in judicious manner. What is Ovulation?  In the ovaries, in each month (menstrual cycle), one follicle (the sac containing the egg inside) grows and finally ruptured to release the eggs. This release of eggs is called “Ovulation”. What is “Ovulation Induction” (OI)? OI means taking medicines to help the follicles grow  and ovulate, to improve the chance of pregnancy. The medicines may be in the form of tablets or injections. When OI can be done? If you have been trying for pregnancy for more than […]

About PCOS

About PCOS

What is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)? PCOS is hormonal disorder where there are irregular periods, excessive hair growth on face or body (“hirsutism”), loss of hair on head, oily skin, acne and weight gain along with polycystic ovaries found in ultrasound. The symptoms vary from woman to woman. Some women have very few mild symptoms, while others are affected more severely by a wider range of symptoms. Polycystic ovaries have more number of follicles (fluid-filled spaces containing the eggs), which appear like cysts. However, the “cysts” in PCOS are not tumours. The main problem in PCOS is not […]