Menopause: A Transition, Not the End of Life

Aging is an inevitable phenomenon in our lives. Often our parents or grand-parents say “we are aged now, so it’s just a matter of few years”. But is it really so? French author Jules Renard said “It`s not how old you are, it`s how you are old”. Scientific studies has shown that “we can expect to become old”. There are mainly two reasons for it. One is our life style changes, leading to faster aging of the general population. The second thing is profound improvement in medical care that made it possible to conquer death even at the […]

Successful Ivf With Donor Eggs

She came to us last year, at 38 years of age, with inability to conceive despite trying for 3 years. She has a baby, 8 years old, conceived spontaneously. She did not have Periods for last 5 years. We performed all necessary tests to find out the cause and found it as “Premature Menopause” or “Premature Ovarian Failure” (POF). However, no reason for POF was found despite all possible investigations. We started Hormone therapy to protect the health of bone and heart.  Regarding Fertility, they finally pored for IVF with Egg Donation. .But after Ovum Pick Up (OPU) […]

Ivf Success in Difficult Case

This couple was referred to us by our Colleague from Tamluk. Husband’s semen test, done outside showed “No Sperms”. We repeated the test at our centre and found the result better, although it was abnormal. However, after doing tests, no cause for such abnormal result was obtained. The woman had severe endometriosis. In laparoscopy, there was frozen pelvis (all organs like uterus, tubes, ovaries were attached to each other). Both the Fallopian Tubes were blocked. We examined her and found her AMH was very low and there was an insufficient number of eggs in the ovaries. As her age was […]