Pcos, Hypothyroid, Pregnancy

They came to us with inability to conceive. They tried many medicines and even IUI. We found all tests normal except PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).  We gave them time to decide. They returned after a year and requested Ovulation Induction (Medicines to help the eggs grow). We advised medicines and TVS Follicular Scan (to see if eggs were growing after taking the medicine). There was no result after 2 months. But in the 3rd month, they conceived. Pregnancy was largely uneventful. All tests were normal. She was Hypothyroid, but it was well controlled with medicine. Finally both the mother […]

Secondary Infertility Success

The problem in conceiving the second time- this problem is called “SECONDARY INFERTILITY”.  This lady 33-year-old came from Singur, West Bengal. They have a baby boy born 8 years ago and he is doing well. That time, the lady conceived naturally without any treatment. They tried for pregnancy for the last 4 years but in vain. We performed investigations like Semen analysis of the husband, Tube check by SSG (Sonosalpingography) and hormonal tests and found all were normal, except that she has PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). She is having irregular periods and is also overweight. We advised folic acid and […]

Low Amh: Ivf Not Always Needed

Low AMH does not mean you cannot get pregnant. What is AMH? AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone) is a hormone secreted by the ovaries. AMH indicates the “ovarian reserve”. It is checked by a blood test. This blood can be checked at any time. What is Ovarian Reserve? “Ovarian reserve” means the number of eggs inside the ovaries of a woman at a particular time. In women, the eggs are produced in the ovaries before the women is born. After birth, no new eggs are produced. On the contrary, in each month, a number of eggs are destroyed. From […]

Pcos Related Infertility Is Easier to Treat

PCOS related Infertility is EASIER to treat if you receive proper medicine, come for TVS Follicular Study and control your weight. PCOS is NOT the disease of “Cysts”. It’s a hormonal problem and is NOT curable. However, it’s quite possible to keep this disease under control. The main treatment to keep it under control is Lifestyle changes, that is Weight Control. In PCOS, infertility is a common problem. The reason is, there are enough eggs inside the ovaries but they cannot grow and rupture (“Ovulation”). So, when weight loss cannot help, the treatment is Ovulation Induction (OI). In […]

Low Amh: Natural Conception

This is another patient with “less number of eggs” who conceived NATURALLY without any treatment.  The couple had been trying for pregnancy for 6 months. The reports showed AMH 0.05. Her age is 32. All other reports were normal. We checked AFC (Antral Follicular Count) which was borderline. They were anxious about the AMH. We said, “We treat the patients, we do NOT treat a report”. As her age is low, we gave her DHEA tablets and asked them to try for another 3 months. We wanted to avoid any UNNECESSARY treatment. We also explained that the role […]

Male Infertility- Always Ivf Not Needed

If there is abnormal Semen Report, it’s important to see the whole report, NOT merely the count. It’s also important to ensure that the test has been done from an authentic laboratory and that laboratory should follow the WHO 2010 guidelines for semen analysis (Not the older version of WHO 1999 or WHO 1992). . Again, we must see what’s the Total Motile Count (TMC) of the sperms. If TMC is normal or mildly low, oral tablets can be advised (although their efficacy is doubtful) and the couple can try naturally. Lifestyle changes are also advised (avoiding smoking, excess alcohol, prolonged […]

Pcos Conceived by Injections Without Laparoscopy or Ivf

PCOS Conceived by Injections without Laparoscopy or IVF. The first line of treatment in PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is weight control. Medicines like Metformin or Inositol can be added, if needed. The second step is OVULATION INDUCTION (OI)- giving MEDICINES, ORALLY (Clomiphene or Letrozole) so that the eggs grow and get released (“Ovulation”). But while taking medicines, its important to see if the medicines are able to induce ovulation, by TVS Follicular Study. Of course, the sperms and the tubes must be alright before planning OI. The third step has two options– Injections and Laparoscopy.  But when to go […]

Hsg Can Increase the Chance of Pregnancy

What is HSG (Hysterosalpingogram)? HSG is a test done as a part of Female Infertility Evaluation, to check whether the Fallopian Tubes are open. Fallopian tubes (commonly called “the tubes”) are the structures that are connected to both sides of the uterus. Inside the tube, the sperms and the egg meet (“fertilization”) to form the embryo. HSG is a type of X Ray, done by inserting a special liquid (“Contrast”) into the Uterus through the Vagina.  When HSG is done? If you have been trying for pregnancy for one year, but could not conceive, HSG should be done. […]

Azoospermia Does Not Always Mean Donor Sperm

Azoospermia (No Sperms in the Semen) does not always mean Donor Sperms. This couple had been trying for pregnancy for ten long years. Wife’s age is 29 years and all of her reports were normal.  Husband’s age is 35 years. Repeated Semen Analysis showed absent Sperms in the Semen. After physical examination (of Testicular Size) and investigations (blood for FSH, Testosterone), it was confirmed as a case of NOA (Non Obstructive Azoospermia)– no obstruction in Sperm Conducting Duct but there was problem in Sperm Production inside the testicles. We discussed 2 options – 1) Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) using Donor […]

Ovulation Induction Is a Very Useful Method of Infertility Treatment

Ovulation Induction is a very useful method of Infertility Treatment, provided it is applied in judicious manner. What is Ovulation?  In the ovaries, in each month (menstrual cycle), one follicle (the sac containing the egg inside) grows and finally ruptured to release the eggs. This release of eggs is called “Ovulation”. What is “Ovulation Induction” (OI)? OI means taking medicines to help the follicles grow  and ovulate, to improve the chance of pregnancy. The medicines may be in the form of tablets or injections. When OI can be done? If you have been trying for pregnancy for more than […]