Which Tests Are Unnecessary in Infertility?

Few tests are needed before starting the treatment in an Infertile Couple. These include 1) Semen Analysis of the Husband 2) Wife’s Blood test for AMH, Rubella and Thalassemia 3) Wife’s TVS to look for the ovaries and the uterus 4) Wife’s HSG to look for the Fallopian Tubes. In majority of the cases, treatment can be started after these tests. ONLY in some cases, further tests are necessary. Why further tests are often UNNECESSARY? 1) For any disease, we should do the tests ONLY when the test will give important information that is helpful to change the […]

Infertility- Which Tests Are Necessary

What is needed for pregnancy? In the male partner, sperms are produced in the testes and are then carried through the sperm conducting ducts (epididymis, vas, seminal vesicle and prostate gland). Finally the sperms are deposited inside the vagina. In female partner, the deposited sperms travel from vagina into the uterus and then reach the Fallopian tubes (the tubes that are attached to the both sides of the uterus) where the sperms must meet the egg (ovum). The ovum released from the ovary (“ovulation”) enters the tube and thus inside the tube an embryo (earliest form of the […]

Not Able to Conceive- When to Visit to Doctor?

It should be kept in mind that, if there is no risk factors for Infertility or the wife’s age is less than 35 years and the husband’s age is less than 40 years ; after one cycle (one month) of regular frequent intercourse, the chance of conception in human being is only 15%. That means, out of 100 couples trying for conception, only 15 will be able to succeed after one month of trying.  The word “Regular” and “Frequent” are important; because to achieve pregnancy, couples are advised to keep intimate relationships for at least 2-3 times a […]

Bed Rest in Pregnancy- Is it Helpful?

Bed Rest in Pregnancy- Is it Helpful? Pinki, a 29 years-old-woman, was very much excited when she got positive pregnancy test for the first time. She is a school teacher. As she did not feel much problem, she continued her routine daily activities. Unfortunately she landed in miscarriage at 8 weeks. This time her friends and in laws- everybody told her that “she had miscarriage because she did not take rest“. But can anyone guarantee if she took bed rest, everything would have been absolutely normal? Let’s see what the science is saying. Can bed rest prevent miscarriage? […]

Is There Any Abnormality in the Baby?

Pregnancy is a long nine-month journey. So anything can happen at anytime, quite unexpectedly. Nowadays, we have ultramodern technologies, which can detect whether the baby is having any serious abnormality, before birth. Usually testing should be done 2 times- 1) 11-13 weeks- Combined Test or First Trimester Screening (FTS)-  which includes blood test and a specialized ultrasound scan (“NT Scan”). By this test, in initial period, majority of the lethal abnormalities and chromosomal abnormalities are screened. However, some abnormalities may not be detected at this stage.  2) 18-20 weeks- Anomaly Scan-  It describes all the organ in details […]

When You Should Not Delay the Fertility Treatment?

When you should NOT delay the Fertility Treatment? Almost all the couples want to conceive naturally. We also try our best to fulfill their wishes. But, unfortunately, sometimes we see the couples for whom the only way to achieve pregnancy is the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). They are the couples who CANNOT conceive naturally.  This includes  Both the Fallopian Tubes are Blocked in Laparoscopy. Severe (Grade 4) Endometriosis (when the lining of the uterus- “Endometrium” is located outside the uterus and causes “Adhesion” or abnormal attachment between the tubes/ ovaries). Premature Ovarian Failure (Ovaries stop producing eggs). Azoospermia (No sperm […]

Is Stress Affecting Your Conjugal Life?

In our modern life, stress is an indispensable part. Career, jobs, studies, incomes, business, money, property- all are associated with some sorts of stress. The problem gets exaggerated when it affects the family life. Because, at the end of the day, we all want to enjoy a happy family life. And a family life has its sense when the husband and the wife are in harmony. Needless to say, that a family is incomplete without a kid.  How stress affects family life?  Effect of stress is not limited to mind. It has serious effects in the body. It […]

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ed) occurs when the man is unable to achieve or maintain his erection of penis to meet his or his partner’s sexual satisfaction. The problem is often faced by newly married men. Fortunately with experience, most of them are able to overcome this problem. Again it is increasingly common with increased age. So, what are the causes. In some male, it is psychological, caused by anxiety, depression, stress, marital disharmony etc. Use of alcohol and smoking will aggravate the problem. Psychological causes can happen at any age but more common at younger age. But in some cases, it is […]

Effects of Smoking in Pregnancy: A Serious Threat

You all know that tobacco causes cancer – cancers in almost all the organs of our body.But what else? can it affect your sexual and reproductive life?In females – it causes problems in menstruation, irregular periods and abnormal amount of bleeding. In addition, it causes difficulty in having baby – by interfering with normal hormone release. Even if pregnancy occurs, the ending may not be a happy one. It is responsible for repeated pregnancy loss (repeated miscarriages), ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus – that cannot survive, on the other hand it can endanger the mother’s life). It also […]

Diabetes, Pregnancy and Fertility

India is nowadays considered the “Diabetic Capital” of the world. The rate at which diabetes is increasing in modern societies is, indeed, a matter of concern. Diabetes does not merely mean increased and sometimes uncontrolled blood sugar. It affects various organs and systems of our body , particularly affecting heart (coronary artery disease), brain (stroke), eye (retinopathy), kidney (nephropathy), blood pressure (hypertension), liver (fatty liver), nerves (neuropathy), increased risk of infection and even some cancers. Obesity and diabetes go hand-in-hand. So, the main control measures are life style changes (controlling weight, diet, exercise, avoidance of alcohol and smoking); […]