Is Stress Affecting Your Conjugal Life?

In our modern life, stress is an indispensable part. Career, jobs, studies, incomes, business, money, property- all are associated with some sorts of stress. The problem gets exaggerated when it affects the family life. Because, at the end of the day, we all want to enjoy a happy family life. And a family life has its sense when the husband and the wife are in harmony. Needless to say, that a family is incomplete without a kid.  How stress affects family life?  Effect of stress is not limited to mind. It has serious effects in the body. It […]

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ed) occurs when the man is unable to achieve or maintain his erection of penis to meet his or his partner’s sexual satisfaction. The problem is often faced by newly married men. Fortunately with experience, most of them are able to overcome this problem. Again it is increasingly common with increased age. So, what are the causes. In some male, it is psychological, caused by anxiety, depression, stress, marital disharmony etc. Use of alcohol and smoking will aggravate the problem. Psychological causes can happen at any age but more common at younger age. But in some cases, it is […]

Effects of Smoking in Pregnancy: A Serious Threat

You all know that tobacco causes cancer – cancers in almost all the organs of our body.But what else? can it affect your sexual and reproductive life?In females – it causes problems in menstruation, irregular periods and abnormal amount of bleeding. In addition, it causes difficulty in having baby – by interfering with normal hormone release. Even if pregnancy occurs, the ending may not be a happy one. It is responsible for repeated pregnancy loss (repeated miscarriages), ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus – that cannot survive, on the other hand it can endanger the mother’s life). It also […]

Diabetes, Pregnancy and Fertility

India is nowadays considered the “Diabetic Capital” of the world. The rate at which diabetes is increasing in modern societies is, indeed, a matter of concern. Diabetes does not merely mean increased and sometimes uncontrolled blood sugar. It affects various organs and systems of our body , particularly affecting heart (coronary artery disease), brain (stroke), eye (retinopathy), kidney (nephropathy), blood pressure (hypertension), liver (fatty liver), nerves (neuropathy), increased risk of infection and even some cancers. Obesity and diabetes go hand-in-hand. So, the main control measures are life style changes (controlling weight, diet, exercise, avoidance of alcohol and smoking); […]

Menopause: A Transition, Not the End of Life

Aging is an inevitable phenomenon in our lives. Often our parents or grand-parents say “we are aged now, so it’s just a matter of few years”. But is it really so? French author Jules Renard said “It`s not how old you are, it`s how you are old”. Scientific studies has shown that “we can expect to become old”. There are mainly two reasons for it. One is our life style changes, leading to faster aging of the general population. The second thing is profound improvement in medical care that made it possible to conquer death even at the […]

Contraception – Common Myths and Misconceptions

Sex is a basic human right. But to have sex safely and without fear of unwanted pregnancy – should be the priority. Many women across the world die every day as a result of unwanted pregnancy, mostly due to unsafe abortion. So, couples can avoid pregnancy and enjoy sex life fully, only if they can follow safe and effective contraceptive advice. Let me clarify some popular myths and misconceptions abut contraception.  1. Contraception is useful for all While the ideal contraceptive is necessary but it does not exist. So, what may seem suitable for a couple may not be […]

Infertility Treatment: Never to Lose Hope

Last week I got a call from one of my patients, who conceived after long period of infertility. She called me to remind me that, that very days was the birthday of her son, that is the wealth that she gained after long battle. And even the son tried to talk to me over phone with his soft voice. And this success is really rewarding for any Infertility Specialists. Introduction When couples get married, they often view parenthood as the next stage in their family life. They want to have a child, they want to be “mom” and […]

4 Natural Ways to Control Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a very common syndrome among many young girls and women. Problems like irregular periods, weight gain, acne, hair loss and other hormonal imbalances are the common symptoms. It is a common cause of infertility and pregnancy problems. If left untreated it may lead to diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Here are the most natural ways to handle PCOS problem: 1) Mind your Diet: Easiest way is to work on your diet. Avoid junk food. Eat more of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. 2) Physical Exercise Works: Exercise is a must. It will […]

Down Syndrome: Be Aware!

Down syndrome is caused by genetic defect where there are three copies of chromosome number 21 (we all have 2 copies of each of 23 chromosomes). The babies can die before birth. After birth, they look chubby, cheerful with mongoloid feature (like people from Chinese/ Mongolian Origin) but MENTALLY RETARDED. They have reduced life span and mostly die from lung or heart disease, leukaemia etc. They have defect in various parts including thyroid, kidney, eye, ear, intestine etc. Practically, no treatment can cure the disease. Majority of this is associated with increased maternal age, especially after 35. But […]

6 Essential Nutrients for Women

A woman’s body needs a lot of nourishment. There are many vitamins and minerals that ensure a healthy body. However, as you reach puberty and age more, a few nutrients become vital for healthy functionality, reproduction as well as vitality. On this International Day Of Action For Women’s Health, 28th May, learn more about the women’s health so that you or women around you stay healthy. Here are top 6 nutrients that are a must for women of all ages: 1) Vitamin B12 – Women suffer from extreme fatigue as soon as they reach late 20s or mid-30s […]